General Hotel Information

1. What does “non-refundable” mean?

If a reservation is booked on “non-refundable” rate type, that means, the sum of money you paid is not returnable in any circumstances. So, the amount of your reservation will be charged %100 from your credit card, whether you make any changes or cancellations on your reservation.

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2. May I change my room if I choose to do so during my stay?

When making a reservation online, you can select a bed type specific room. All Meroddi Hotels are committed to accommodating room type preferences and requests. But if you do wish to change your room anyhow, every effort will be made to meet your request. For this, we need to contact the Reservations Department for the availability of the rooms. Occasionally, we do not have any available room to offer. But we shall get back to you and try to meet your request as soon as possible.

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3. What if I need to change or cancel my reservations?

Each Meroddi Hotel has a 24-hour cancellation and change policy. You may cancel your hotel reservation without a charge. To cancel your booking without incurring any charge, please contact the Reservations Department ( / +90 (850) 360 0 627) at least 24 hour prior to your arrival.

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4. Can I make the payment through wire transfer rather than credit card?

Should you choose to forward deposits and payment(s) via wire transfer, please direct them to the bank account outlined below.

Garanti Bankası - Mecidiyeköy Branch

Account Name          : NAR Motorlu Araçlar ve Turizm A.Ş.

Account Number      : 119 - 6297030 

IBAN NO                    : TR51 0006 2000 1190 0006 2970 30

Attention                   : (Ms. Arzu Taşdemir)

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5. What does Habitation Yazıcı stand for? What is the meaning of the hotel name?

It was built in the early 1890s not as a European style apartment but as an Ottoman habitation. We do not know the architect and the first owner. However, the street it was on at the time was called “Yazıcı Street” (now its Serdar-ı Ekrem Street). Probably because, there were some printing houses in the neighbourhood. (“Yazıcı” means “printer” in Turkish). Since we wanted to pay tribute to those times, we kept the name of the street “Yazıcı” in the name of the building.

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6. Why are the standard rooms not so big in Meroddi Galata?

 Habitation Yazıcı is at least 110 years old. It has historic value. And it was the first apartment experience of some middle class members of the Ottoman society, who wanted to leave behind the anxiety of fire, as it was frequently confronted in the older wooden mansions. When we bought the historic building, we decided to restore it with great care, staying loyal to its authenticity. So we kept the rooms as original.

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7. What types of rooms are available in the hotel?

The hotel has 4 room categories: Comfort Double Room, Deluxe Double Room, Deluxe Double Room w/Balcony, Deluxe Triple Room. All room categories can be booked through our website and major online hotel booking sites (Booking, Expedia, Agoda etc.).

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